Dobbs Watch: Still Wrong on CAFTA…

By August 9, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchRevisionist Lou is still fighting the CAFTA battle, along with many of his revisionist friends. In their CAFTA-math, the numbers just don’t add up. He had some guy on Friday night who was railing about how CAFTA supporters were “lied to”. Yeesh. Do they really believe this stuff…? And tonight, he links to the “Public Citizen CAFTA Damage Report”. Their trade section is an anti-CAFTA screed. To be fair, does he link to any group that might actually chronicle the gains from CAFTA? Would he be willing to link to our site? Would he agree to our proposal that no retribution against anyone should be taken unless and until there are real, negative consequence directly attributable to CAFTA? Then every incumbent would be safe.

Lou, however, is under attack. In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, the lead editorial is entitled, “The Great American Jobs Machine“. It has this bon mot: “It was only a year ago that John Kerry was blasting the ‘jobless recovery.’ Lou Dobbs was flogging ‘outsourcing’ every night on CNN as a sign of peril for the American workforce That criticism now looks wildly off base. The 5% jobless rate today is almost percentage point below what it was during the same stage of the business cycle during the vaunted ‘Clinton expansion.'”

Piling on, Crain’s New York published a great editorial that a faithful blog reader sent to us under the banner, “Voting For or Against NY’s Future“. In it, they praise, among others, Congressional Black Caucus members and NY Congressional Reps. Ed Towns and Greg Meeks, the latter one of the ones excoriated by Dobbs’ Public Citizen pals. Says Crain’s, Towns and Meeks “had the political courage to do what was best for their constituents” by supporting CAFTA.

Crain’s goes on to say — correctly– that “CAFTA…won’t hurt many American workers, since most goods produced in those countries already enter the US.” They go on to note that CAFTA will open the Central American market to US-made goods, however. Glad somebody was paying attention…

In conclusion, says Crain’s, “It’s time to create a broad coalition in New York….to make the case for free trade. Only then will New York’s Democrats respond to what is important for the city and not to the narrow special interest groups they don’t have the courage to offend.”

We didn’t write it, we just pass it along as a public service.