Dobbs Redux

By August 2, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchWe were just sitting here chuckling, as we were re-reading CNN commentator Howard Kurtz’ blurb about us and CNN’s Lou Dobbs. First, it says we started the blog to “slam” Lou. We didn’t. We actually started it to create an on-line community of manufacturers, and that’s going pretty well.

A number of folks called us yesterday to also chuckle about Lou’s quote, which sounds a little nutty, i.e., “Their pathetic blog is an expression of the corporate supremacists who are leading NAM but not representing their manufacturers….[T]he facts don’t support any of their faith-based libertarian economic philosophy.”

Wow. And Dobbs’ CNN pal Kurtz thought we were too personal…?

In any event, the quote did sound a bit megalomaniacal. (Didn’t Humphrey Bogart play this guy in the Caine Mutiny….?) We’re not saying that Lou is that way, of course, just that this quote sure could be misinterpreted, were your mind to wander a bit.

OK, enough said. We and our fellow corporate supremacists have to get back to work….