Death Tax: This is Getting Annoying…..

By August 12, 2005General

No sooner had we posted the entry below when we read this morning’s Washington Post and saw an article by Jeff Birnbaum and Jonathan Weisman about the death tax. Here’s the opening line: “The very rich and the merely rich are fighting over the fate of the estate tax. So far, the very rich are winning.”

Not sure what’s more annoying: that they keep getting it wrong, the accompanying photos of opulent wealth (guess they didn’t have any stock photos of manufacturing facilities) or the fact that they didn’t talk to any manufacturers. Small manufacturers have sent letters by the boatload to the Post, correcting them on past transgressions on this topic. Once again, the Post shows a fundamental misunderstanding of manufacturing. Why on earth should good, honest, hard-working people who have built a business be forced to sell that business, or take on enormous debt, when the company is staying in the family?

In any event, you can tell ’em better’n we can, have in the past. Here, once again, is the e-mail address for letters to the Post: And, here’s a copy of an e-mail that our own Dorothy Coleman sent to them this morning trying once again to set the record straight.