Coffee, Anyone….?

By August 30, 2005General

In light of yesterday’s post about California Attorney General Bill Lockyer’s move to force warning labels on french fires (we wondered later, wouldn’t they slide off….?), today’s news is as refreshing as, well, a nice morning cup of coffee.

Java, joe, long reviled by various pseudo-scientists as just flat bad for you (see Google for the thousands of studies condemning the black beauty) is now revealed as the leading source of antioxidants in the US. By seizing the #1 position in this category, it bests even fruits and vegetables. (We actually always thought of coffee as a vegetable. Guess we were ahead of the curve….) Antioxidants are thought to battle cancer, among other benefits. So now we guess California will run around tearing down all the Proposition 65-led warnings at all the coffee shops ’round the state, while they focus their ire on the lowly spud, frite and chip.

For our money, we’re just going to sit back and have a few more cups of joe. Ahhh…. feel the antioxidants racing through the system!