American Justice Partnership, Fighting the Good Fight

By August 21, 2005Briefly Legal

Most of you regular blog readers are aware of the American Justice Partnership (AJP), an NAM-affiliated group fighting for legal reform in the states. These are the folks who just launched the “Victim’s Project“, to find victims of lawsuit abuse, a nascent effort that’s already showing results.

Whenever two or more manufacturers are gathered, you hear about a few issues and legal reform is always one. We are committed to press for legal reform at both the state and federal level. The latter includes our recent class action bill victory and the confirmation of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court, as predictability decreases the incidence of litigation, just does.

So for those of you interested in legal reform, click here to see a copy of the latest AJP Newsletter. It’s a nice piece, has some good info in it.

Just drop them a note if you want to receive the newsletter regularly.