A Bone to Pick with US News…

By August 2, 2005General

Sheez — when it rains it pours! First the Washington Post and now US News is picking on our humble little blog. US News is usually a pretty good outfit but in this week’s edition on the topic of judicial nominations they ran a blurb saying that we were “telegraphing our support for John Roberts” in an earlier posting. Actually, we weren’t.

See, there is the NAM Judicial Review Committee, empaneled prior to Sandra Day O’Connor’s announced resignation. It is made up of some really smart folks from our member companies who are establishing criteria for posterity — not just for John Roberts’ nomination — on which we can evaluate judges. They are talking about things like whether they interpret the law, not make it from the bench. This is a serious and conscientious group and they are working at a pretty brisk pace, but they are being, well, judicious in their deliberations.

Separately, the blogger-in-chief is entitled to rant every now and again about what the newspapers hold. Among other issues, we threw in with the Wall Street Journal lampooning the Washington Post for their near-hysterical treatment of Robert’s “alleged” membership in the Federalist Society. Then, since we’re spending a lot of time on this AFL stuff, we thought it interesting that the Painters’ Union had endorsed Roberts yet no one in the mainstream media found it newsworthy that part of the liberal coalition peeled off.

Somehow, for pointing out these peccadilloes and ironies, US News thinks that somehow we’re busting a gut. We’re not. The JRC continues its work and we hope they will be able to say something for the record quite soon. Separate and apart from that, we’ll continue to point out the things we think need pointing out, on issues of importance to manufacturers.