Wall Street Journal: A Treasure Trove

By July 8, 2005General

Not sure how many of you saw the Wall Street Journal yesterday but it was a veritable treasure trove of blog material, stories near and dear to our hearts. First there was an op-ed by two Michiganders, wistfully longing for the low-tax days of former Governor (and current NAM President) John Engler, ruing the mess that the higher taxes have wrought.

But over on the editorial page, it was a intellectual smorgasbord:

— The lead editorial, “The Trial Lawyer’s Enron” was about the federal indictment referring to plaintiff’s law firm extraordinaire Milberg Weiss, alleging that the firm made illegal payments to plaintiffs. Can you imagine trial lawyers doing anything that unscrupulous?!? Watch this space next week for a fuller exposition of the Milberg, Weiss scandal. Glad that the Justice Department is finally working on cleaning up this cesspool.

— The next editorial entitled, “The Little Engine that Shouldn’t“, was about Amtrak. Let us only point out here as we have in the past that anyone who loses their job at Amtrak gets six years full pay and benefits. Any of you blog readers have that deal…? Didn’t think so. Neither do we.

— The final editorial, “Democrats and CAFTA” is similar to the Washington Post pro-CAFTA editorial of a month or so ago, when we thought the end of the world was near. It notes the turn of the Democrats away from free trade, opining, “Where is Bill Clinton when you need him?” Didn’t think we’d ever see those words on the Journal’s editorial page….

In any event, check out the above links, it’s a good read all the way around.