The Wednesday Poster of the Week

By July 6, 2005Miscellaneous

image3_small.jpg Oops! Almost forgot our new weekly feature. The blogger-in-chief has a lot on his mind these days. Like where did he leave his keys….?

In any event, here’s this week’s installment of the Wednesday Poster of the Week from our “vintage poster” series, from our campaign that hit 15,000 billboards in some 2800 towns and cities, reaching 65 million people. Just click on the poster to enlarge it. Note the blogger-in-chief in the background, tuning in the NAM’s radio show. Again, you’ll see a pretty timeless message — “What’s Good for Industry is Good for Your Family”. It’s still true. Manufacturers are still the engine of prosperity, generating one-eighth of the US’ Gross Domestic Product. Standing alone, manufacturing’s share of the US economy would make us the eighth largest economy in the world. We are the largest single industry in the US.

And, how cool are these posters? We’ll put up some of our newer ones next week, featuring our manufacturers in a non-traditional light, each one carrying the manufacturing message.