The Saturday Video: Watch Cool Stuff Being Made!

By July 2, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

OK, everybody still in their PJ’s, got the bloody mary’s poured, ready to settle in for some good video? Great — we’ve got some for you, courtesy of Jim Terr and Manuflix. This is a company that collects — and sells — cool videos of stuff being manufactured.

Not sure whether you can count paper towels and toilet paper as cool stuff, but just try to live one day without it, definitely un-cool. So here’s a five and a half minute video of Rose’s Southwest papers, taking rolls of paper and making it into even more and bigger rolls of paper. Among other things you’ll see the line that creates 572 McDonald’s bags a minute and a huge slicer that slices 3500 lbs. of toilet paper into the rolls you use every day.

Here’s a link to the video. If you have a video of your manufacturing operation you’d like to share, just e-mail Jim Terr and he’ll post it on his site, and we’ll help get the word out. Who knows? You might even end up being featured in “Saturday Video: Watch Cool Stuff Being Made”