The NEA, Taking a Stand Against the Free Exchange of Ideas

By July 7, 2005Labor Unions

And speaking of the NEA…(see below)

At their convention in Los Angeles, reports the Washington Times’ George Archibald today delegates “unanimously rejected a proposal to expand its policy on academic and professional freedom to protect ‘intellectual pluralism and the free exchange of ideas’ in the nation’s classrooms.” Wow.

“More and more”, said Randy Jackson, NEA delegate and sponsor of the resolution, “What we can say in the classroom is being restricted.” Divergence of views, he says, is being restricted — apparently by the political (un-)correctness crowd.

In any event, the NEA folks took a dim view of all this free exchange of ideas stuff, maybe finding that it undermined their settled views of the world.The resolution and others like it are being sponsored by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture a group, it says on their website, “dedicated to defending the cultural foundations of a free society.” They sure picked a worthy opponent on this issue in the NEA.

Here’s a link to Archibald’s story, “NEA Affiliate Rejects Freedom Proposal”.