The NAM Takes to the Airwaves, v.6

By July 13, 2005General

radiotower.jpg Keep your ears peeled for a segment on Marketplace Radio to hear the blogger-in-chief interviewed about the NAM’s role in the much-anticipated Supreme Court nomination. It’s long been said the blogger-in-chief has a face for radio, and it’s been proven true. Some points made along the way on why manufacturers care about who’s on the Supreme Court:

— We cover two branches of government pretty well. There are actually three branches. Time to start paying attention to the third.

— Hard-won gains in the two branches that we now cover can be lost to activist judges who decide cases on what the law should be. Can anyone think of a law that started out small and grew into areas in which it was never intended…? (Hint: one begins with the letters A-D-A….)

— Some 80% of a federal judge’s civil caseload is made up of issues of importance to business: torts, contracts, employment litigation, etc. yet we’ve allowed nominees to get viewed through the narrow prism of social issues, on which they’ll spend precious little time. Along the way, we’ve lost some good men and women to the federal bench.

The real question at the end of the day is why business hasn’t been more involved in this issue. We have formed a Judicial Review Committee made up of manufacturers (the only way we know how to do it) that will review a nominee’s record when they are announced to see if hey are the kind of judge who will interpret the law, and not be hell-bent on making law from the bench. If they are, they will get the NAM’s imprimatur and we will work tirelessly for their confirmation.

Stay tuned around the dial for the Marketplace show, ably done by Scott Tong.