The Best Damned e-Zine on the Planet

By July 15, 2005General

For those of you who don’t get Nonprofit Communicators Update from Ragan Communications, you should. It’s only the best damned e-zine on the planet. Their stuff is cutting edge, influential, thought-provoking and just plain fantastic.

Why just this month, there’s an article in there by Kirsten Lambert entitled, “Blogs, They’re What’s For Dinner“. Here, let’s have a lil’ look-see, shall we…? Hmmm…. Hey — look! It’s mentions the NAM blog! Whoa! What are the odds of getting a mention in such an influential publication? About one in a million? One in ten? Wow!

This fine product from Watermark Communications is actually a pretty good read, in spite of the self-promotion (hey, we learned it from Lou — lay off!)The article also talks about Kevin Holland and the great job he’s doing over at the Air Conditioning Contractors of America writing their blog. Kevin did us the honor of teeing us up in his article for Association Management magazine, listing us as one of the best. We are indebted to him, too. He should know what’s good, as he writes a good one himself.

Seriously, a nice article by Ms. Lambert, we were lucky to make the cut. It’s a nice plug, been a good week for platitudes.