Saturday Video: Watch The Lego Being Made

By July 23, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

OK, up and at ’em! Time to shake off the cobwebs, pour yourself an Irish coffee, sit back and soak in the manufacturing vibe. This week’s video is of a product well known to most of you, Legos. How many hours have you or your kids spent building things with Legos? The factory itself is very cool, highly automated, but just cranks stuff out right and left. What’s especially cool about the factory is that their creative folks crank out some pretty significant models using Legos. There is a replica of the US Capitol – a very large replica – built entirely with Legos. Pretty impressive, considering the blogger-in-chief had a hard time making a car with Legos. (It ended up with square wheels, discouraging him from pursuing engineering as a career.) So click on this link and sit back and enjoy the Lego show.