Saturday Video: A 12-oz aluminum can being made

By July 30, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

In this world, there really are few things as perfect or as versatile as the humble aluminum can. Think of how it follows you from your early years and soft drinks through college and adulthood and more interesting and delicious contents. In fact, you may have one in your hand right now as you’re reading this. The blogger-in-chief likes to pop a can of beer on Saturdays and put it in the pancakes. About a spoonful’s all you need. Hmmmm…. Can’t let a full can of beer go to waste, now can we….? OK, pull over, just kidding. Hic!

In any event, this video comes to us thanks to the hard work and diligence of all around good guy and manufacturing fan Scott McCarty of Ball Corporation. It is a great, high-quality 10-minute view of a 12-oz aluminum can being made. It really is fascinating to watch the process and listen to the narration, starting with rolls of aluminum and following it all the way through the process, making 2,000 cans per minute! In all, Ball Corp. makes about 100 million recyclable cans per day.

Click here, sit back, and feel the manufacturing vibe. And don’t forget to check out other cool manufacturing videos over on Jim Terr’s site at