Report from America: Lewes, Delaware

By July 11, 2005Report from America

report.jpgSorry for a kinda slow day today, but the blogger-in-chief was on a field trip over the weekend, visiting manufacturers in Lewes, Delaware. It’s a little-known fact that bucolic Lewes is actually home to an antacid manufacturing plant. As big end-users, we went up to check it out a little bit and to visit with some domestic manufacturers along the way, particularly one NAM Board Member who shall remain nameless in the interest of blogging. Don’t want to end up in the slammer, after all, for disclosing our sources.

Along the way, we checked out the shipping logistics and even found time for recreation, landing a pretty big one of these and a pretty small one of these. Hard as it was after landing ’em, we sent ’em both back to the briny deep. And so it went like that, manufacturing and related activities all weekend long.

As we’ve said before in other Reports from America, all in a day’s work.