Manufacturers and the Fourth of July

By July 3, 2005General

Flag.jpg As promised below, here is our take on manufacturers’ role in our annual celebration of Independence Day. Starting with Diebold, who makes the security system that protects the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence (Nicholas Cage notwithstanding) to makers of potato chips, ice cream and apple pie all the way to the Diamond Sparkler Manufacturing Company of Youngstown Ohio, the only continuously producing sparkler manufacturing facility in the US, we salute them all. Don’t forget Annin & Co., the storied flag manufacturer. Without them, there’d be no flag waving at all. Here’s a link to a piece by our own Dave Kralik on “Celebrating Independence Day, Manufacturing Style“. And, here’s a link to a site with a little patriotic music to accompany you while you read.

Tomorrow we celebrate our Independence. Thanks especially to all the soldiers who have made it possible, who understand that a threat to freedom anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere. We salute them — they keep us free. Manufacturers will do the rest.

Look for a schmaltzy piece tomorrow, the story of one immigrant, an example of what makes this country so unique, and so great.