Lou Dobbs, Stirring the Pot

By July 1, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs Watch Couldn’t resist this one. Lou’s site tonight is just a gloomy mess. First, he stirs the pot by highlighting the story of a Mexican stamp that would be racist by American standards. If there’s a “Man of the Year” award given in Mexico, we figure Lou has officially lost his shot at it. Then comes a story about how China’s agriculture industry is a threat to our national security. He does follow that by having Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Ind), a thoroughly decent guy — on the program to talk about Veterans (and, no doubt, so Lou can ask him about how immigrants are ruining this country…).

Finally, Lou’s question of the day/week/whatever is whether you think the US government is doing enough to protect us from “a possible avian flu pandemic.” God, what it must be like to hang out with this guy — how gloomy! Plus, he’s just always stirring the pot with immigrants in general and with Mexicans in particular.

In the words of a Mexican-American who posted a comment about Dobbs that was sent to us, Digo ya basta, no?