Lou Dobbs — It’s Groundhog Day!

By July 18, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs Watch We’re getting as bad as Lou! Since all he talks about is the same thing, all we can talk about is the same thing. There is actually this funny dynamic around the office where the blogger’s apprentice sends ’round Lou’s lineup for his nightly show every day around four or five o’clock. Every day it causes a ruckus with cries of “No! This was last night’s show! You sent this yesterday!” The poor blogger’s apprentice runs ragged, assuring us all that no, indeed Lou is not in summer re-runs, it’s just that he did the same show last night and the night before.

Here’s a sampling of his shows from last week. This is actually straight, no fooling around:

– Rebuilding Iraq
– Supreme Court Nomination Battle
(So far, so good)

– Karl Rove (the story America doesn’t care about)
– Supreme Court Nomination Battle (yawn!)

– Red Storm (We’re not making this up. When’s the last time you heard somebody use the term, “Reds” who didn’t live in Cincinnati or wasn’t enamored with the National League?)
– Broken Borders (Ahhhh, Lou’s back in his comfort zone….)

– Rove Under Fire (the story America still doesn’t care about)
– Supreme Court Nomination Battle (Zzzzz……)

– Red Storm (There’s that word again….)
– Rove Under Fire (The story America really doesn’t care about)

I guess you’d have to conclude that he was only anti-trade and anti-immigrant on a few of those days, but on those days he really hit ’em hard. We were laughing with a reporter the other day that Lou’s show is becoming the CNN version of that great Bill Murray movie, “Groundhog Day.”

We’re guessing this week isn’t going to look much different. Can anyone hear the strains of “I Got You, Babe” in the background….?