Judicial Watch: Fake News, Real News

By July 28, 2005Judicial Nominations

Judicial NominationsThings are only beginning to get interesting in the debate surrounding John Roberts’ nomination to the Supreme Court. There was a great editorial in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday entitled, “Nefarious Ties” about the Washington Post’s breathless, front-page article accusing (?!) Roberts of belonging to the Federalist Society. This subversive group, says the Journal (quoting the Post): “was founded in l982 by conservatives who disagreed with the leftist tilt in the nation’s law schools. The group sponsors legal symposia and similar activities and serves as a network for rising conservative lawyers.”


It really is just so silly. It’s not like it was the Hitler Youth. Are you shocked? We are, but only by the reaction of the Post.

We also ran across a call to action/fundraising piece from moveon.org, screaming that Roberts “worked with Ken Starr (yes that Ken Starr)…” [hysteria theirs]. Ken Starr, long before he was reviled for carrying out his duties regarding former President Clinton’s adventures, was the Solicitor General and is widely viewed as one of the best and smartest lawyers in the country. John Roberts was the Deputy Solicitor General, a coveted slot typically reserved for the cream of the crop of the nation’s bar.

However, if you want some real news, a contrary story that has somehow eluded the radar of the MSM (Main Stream Media), here’s a letter that the Painter’s Union sent to Sens. Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Pat Leahy (D-VT), endorsing Roberts’ candidacy for the Supreme Court. You’d think that a letter of support from a union, a core part of the liberal coalition fighting Roberts’ nomination, would make news, no?

We’re happy to break the story….