It’s Raining Victory!

By July 29, 2005General

As this week draws to a close, we have to stand back and say, ” What a week this has been!” The energy bill — after many, many years in gestation – at last — got out of conference this week and was passed by the House yesterday. This balanced bill will lower energy prices for consumers, spur our economy, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and take unprecedented steps to promote energy conservation and efficiency. As a result of hatching a common sense energy policy, hopefully we can begin to see energy prices — especially natural gas — begin to level off in the months and years ahead.

On Wednesday, Congress passed the Trade Rights Enforcement Act by a vote of 255-168. This bill gives gives U.S. companies the tools to offset unfair subsidies that benefit competitors in China and other nations.

And, of course, the House passed CAFTA late on Wednesday too. Huge vote, huge shot in the arm for US manufacturers. On the day it takes effect, tariffs will disappear on 80% of our exports to Central America. The Washington Post says it will boost US exports by $1 billion.

None of these things happen by accident. All of them happen with the enormous activism of manufacturers — small and large — weighing in with their members of congress. We’ve said so many times before that we have the most engaged membership of any trade association in the country.

And so we say to our members, “Thank you — you all have done us proud once again.”

Take the rest of the week off!