Friday Follies: You Write the Caption

By July 15, 2005Friday Follies

OK, the blogger-in-chief and the blogger’s apprentice got tired of having to do all the funny work around here, but Friday Follies really drives the busiest day of traffic for us. (All that beautiful prose and the only thing they want to see is guys chasing a cheese roll down a hill!).

So we decided to put the onus on you, the smartest — and funniest — blog readers in the galaxy, put you to work in providing an appropriate caption for this picture. We were looking around Google the other night for a suitable Lou Dobbs picture for the “sourpuss” link, below. We stumbled upon this one in the process, damned near fell out of our chairs laughing when we saw it. It’s just such a hilarious picture.

So we decided to just post it here and let your imaginations roam. Just click on the “Comment” tag below and write your own caption in the comment box. Don’t be shy.

To get you started, here’s what the best and brightest around the NAM cabana came up with this afternoon. Two went off on a Wonka riff, saying it reminded them of when Mike Teevee (or was it Billy?) was shrunk into Wonkavision and the Oompa Loompas started dancing and singing. Right. You’ll see why the blog team is considered funny by comparison — it’s a low bar ’round the cabana…

Write Your Favorite Lou Dobbs Caption, Comment Today!

— “It’s not television, Lou, it’s Wonkavision.”

— “TV Personality Lou Dobbs is dressed in his surgical gown just before having a real brain transplanted. Dr. Anton Chenesky (right) is showing Dobbs the pea-sized shape of his current noggin cavity.”

— “Lou Dobbs, dressed in white straitjacket (center) is given final instructions before being carted off to a local mental asylum. Dobbs has been diagnosed with a repetitive disorder which manifests itself in daily rants over the same event.”

“Doctor, you assure me that all the immigrants will disappear at ten o’clock sharp….?”

— “In an attempt to avoid an angry mob of immigrants, Lou Dobbs tries to pass himself off as former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.”

— “…And so, Mr. Dobbs, if you come in contact with any immigrants, you will be safe in these white suits….”

Go ahead — click on “Comments” below and give it a go! No doubt you’ll be funnier than the Oompa Loompa line.