Friday Follies: The Dean Scream

By July 1, 2005Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgWe were wandering ’round the Internet last night and stumbled upon this gem. Apparently the good GOP folks in Columbia, SC, faced with a slow day, decided to hold a contest to see who could scream most like Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean. Now, we aren’t partisan ’round here as you well know — folks win our NAM Award for Legislative Excellence if they vote with us 70% of the time, regardless of whether they are Tories or Whigs. If Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman starts screaming his fool head off, we’ll call attention to that, too. This didn’t strike us as all that funny, really, until we saw the actual clip. (You might see a 30-sec commercial ahead of time from a good US Manufacturer…) You’ll see some guys really give it their all. See how the contestants compare to the real McCoy. Go on, close your door, or step outside your cubicle or cave for a minute, give it a go, see how you stack up.

Congratulations to Richard Hahn, the eventual winner. What can you say? He’s a scream!