Friday Follies: Piano Playing Made Harder

By July 8, 2005Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgThanks to Mary Elizabeth Morriss for this gem, sent to us via e-mail this week. We get a ton of stuff over the transom — keep those Friday Follies suggestions coming, but remember this is a family blog. That rules out about 90% of what we get from both our regular blog readers, obviously out on parole.

In any event, don’t know about you but we had a tough enough time with piano lessons. Then we saw this guy with a whole different way of playing. You really have to see it to believe it. He starts off with a PG-rated joke (you can wait ’til about 15 secs into it to turn on your speakers if you’re easily offended), but then it just gets fascinating to watch this guy play an electronic keyboard by bouncing balls on the keys. Here’s the link to the video.

It leaves us with two thoughts: why on earth would anyone do this and what on earth would cause us to watch….?