Friday Follies: Business in the Front, Party ‘Round Back

By July 29, 2005Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgThere are some fashion trends that are just timeless: the Chanel suit, the wing tip shoe, cotton shirt, the penny loafer, Wayfarers

…and mullets. Yes, mullets: the Kentucky Waterfall, the Shorty Longback (Sho-Lo), the Tennessee Top Hat, the Mudflap and the Squirrel Pelt, each with its own verve and character. Let us introduce you to, a paean to the mullet. On it you will find a veritable potpourri — a cornucopia, some might say — of mullet-mania.

Among the features are the Mullet of the Month, the Mullet blog (sheez, does everybody have to have a blog?!?), the Playground (which lets you add mullets to a few famous people) and — our favorite — the Mullet Mall.

On the Mall, you’ll find some mullet must-haves like Sparkling Mullet Body and Car Wash, Minty Frikkin’ Mullet Lip Balm (“When your beaver pelt’s flyin’ proud, it’s not cool to have a dry, cracked beer-hole”), and Vibrant Mullet Shampoo (“Limp, tired mullets can be a harsh toke. Vibrant Mullet Shampoo is the magical formula you have been waiting for, makes every style mullet rock and shine. Muscle Car scent.”)Muscle car scent?!?

Bottom line is if you have a mullet, had a mullet, or are thinking about growing a mullet, (there, that covers everyboody, doesn’t it….?) this is really the site for you.

Thanks to Tim and Meg Satrom, two big mullet-eers, for the hot tip to this very cool website.