Four Easy Pieces

By July 12, 2005General

…Of legislation, that is. Yesterday we sent a Key Vote Card down to the House of Representatives, letting them know that their upcoming vote on some pretty small OSHA bills will be considered as Key Manufacturing Votes. Not a single one of these amends any OSHA safety regulation. It makes some wonky changes to the law and to the deference afforded the OSHA Review Commission, but H.R. 742 is a good one. This is the “Small Employers Access to Justice Act“, and would allow small manufacturers to recover attorneys’ fees when they successfully defend against an OSHA citation.

This really is common-sense reform, but of course, the AFL-CIO has gone to general quarters, screaming about the repeal of OSHA and cronyism. It’s all just so much noise. This is pretty tepid stuff, and long overdue. Time to put a little more sense back into that law and help out the folks who are creating jobs and wealth in this country. Here’s a link to our press relesae on the topic.

Go to Contact Congress and weigh in, remind them who’s creating jobs and urge them to support these four easy pieces.