For Congress, Recess — For Manufacturers, Work

By July 6, 2005General

There’s an old joke (that can’t be told in a family blog) that ends with the punch line, “Coffee break’s over!” Well, we’ve been thinking about that these days. Tanned, fit, rested and ready from a long weekend, manufacturers stand ready to get to work once again. As you well know, we have among the most active members on the planet. They come to Washington, sure, but where they do their real work (in manufacturing as well as in policy) is on the plant floor. That’s where they invite members of Congress to come visit and talk to them about issues impacting manufacturers. It is hugely effective and we’ve done hundreds of ’em.

As Congress goes into recess until next week, back we go to the best damn members in the country with a reminder to talk to members of Congress during the recess. Here’s a copy of the letter that NAM President John Engler sent to NAM members at the end of last week, urging all to contact members of Congress on our key issues: CAFTA, Energy, Death Tax Repeal and Asbestos. Congress may be in recess, but manufacturers are hard at work.

As Sonny Corleone would say, “To the mattresses!”