Dobbs Watch: We’re Not the Only Ones Watching…

By July 22, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchWe’ve been going easy on Lou these days, if only because even we get tired of writing about a guy who doesn’t get tired of doing the same story every day. This week, if you missed it, the show was a whole lotta “Red Storm” with a hefty sprinkling of “Broken Borders.” In short, you didn’t miss much.

However, as it turns out, we’re not the only wizards who have figured out his m.o. Someone forwarded us a very funny article by Tim Goodman of the San Francisco Chronicle. It’s worth the read. He says, “Honestly, doesn’t it get boring being the CNN chief who asks Lou what he’s broadcasting day to day?” As Goodman points out, it’s all about outsourcing and “Mexicans are pouring across the border.” Amen.

In March of LAST YEAR, Daniel Henninger did a similar piece on Opinion, to wit: “Every night of the week now, no matter how big or small the rest of the day’s news, Lou…finds time to kvetch about outsourcing, cheap overseas labor and about ‘illegal aliens’ whom he’s happy to routinely identify as ‘Mexican.'”

See? We’re not making this stuff up. Others have taken notice at well, but the brass over at CNN seems content to continue to lose market share to Fox by beating the same drum over and over again.