Dobbs Watch: The Washington Post Wants to Know….

By July 28, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs Watch Got an interesting call yesterday from Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz, said he wanted to talk about our humble little blog and especially “Dobbs Watch.”

First, he wanted to know, “Why?” We told him Lou’s message is so far off of ours that we felt it was important to point that out in a bloggy, irreverent sort of way. It’s funny watching the mainstream media (MSM to the blog world) get their brains around blogs, like watching your parents dance to rock music. Ick.

He asked if our blog wasn’t a little personal. After all, he said, we call Lou a “xenophobe.” (Personal? Has he read the Washington Post lately…?) We pointed out that first, Lou is a xenophobe and second, that the blog is written in the language of — and should be viewed in the context of – the blogosphere. It is irreverent, edgy and satirical. Good thing he didn’t read the stuff about John Sweeney!

We’re not sure whether this will lead to a story or not, but it was a funny and interesting conversation. As John Sebastian sang, “Like tryin’ to tell a stranger ’bout rock ‘n roll…..”