Dobbs Watch: On Message (Briefly), Then Off

By July 28, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchZzzzzzzzzzz………………

Oh, sorry, we dozed off there for a bit watching Lou’s show. If you think it’s hard doing the same monotonous show night after night, imagine how hard it is to write about the same show night after night.

However, we’ll give credit where credit is due. Lou actually took a (electronic) page from the blog on Monday night to do a story on the breakup of the AFL-CIO. The breakup itself isn’t that good for Lou as he counts on some of the Sweeney gang to come on from time to time to rant about — you guessed it — trade. Unfortunately for Lou, the AFL isn’t with him on immigration, either.

In any event, he was briefly on (our) message for one day, then went back to his old ways by inviting — again — Flat-Earther Alan Tonelson. He’s almost become a co-host on Lou’s show, carping about — you guessed it — trade, chirping that the earth is really, really flat. No, this is not a repeat blog entry, although you’ve read this before.

Last night he stacked the deck again with a pretend debate about CAFTA (which will passed last night despite Lou’s best efforts), with poor Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) the lone defender against Lou (who dominated the microphone) and Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Watch this space tomorrow for more news or — better still — just print this out and read it every day.