Blogging 101 for K Street

By July 14, 2005General

Today found the blogger-in-chief in amidst some real celebrity bloggers at a conference entitled, “Blogging 101 for K St.” On our panel was Debbie Weil, the self-styled, “Mona Lisa of blogging” and publisher of BlogWrite for CEOs, a real expert in this field who had some great advice for all the budding bloggers out there. Having seen her excellent blog, it was a real treat to meet her in person. Incidentally, the audience was made up of about 150 twenty-somethings, a generation younger than the blogger-in-chief. Sad, really.

So anyway, Debbie did a great job. She’s writing a book about corporate blogs. Our guess is that she’ll do a pretty good job at it. It’ll come out next year. If we get a mention, we’ll shamelessly hawk it. We’ve learned from Lou Dobbs. Also on the panel was Ken Deutsch of Issue Dynamics, Inc, who also had some pretty good nuts and bolts advice on how to pick up traffic for your blog.

Earlier in the day, folks heard from Mike Krempansky of, a blogger with some huge traffic numbers (even bigger than Friday Follies) and John Aravosis of America blog. We might see a few of these folks as guest bloggers in the weeks and months to come, with some others, too.

All in all it was a great session. We told the group that our goal was to show — not tell — that manufacturers are on the cutting edge, where manufacturers always are. It was clear from the crowd today that folks will be entering this space in droves in the months and years to come. As always, when folks get to where they believe is totally new space, there will be manufacturers to greet them.