AFL-CIO Watch: Let the Games Begin….

By July 24, 2005Labor Unions

It seems like a lifetime ago (it was November of 2004) — at the birth of our little blog — when we started all this stuff about John Sweeney being defeated as President of the AFL or — shortly afterwards — predicting that he’d be elected to head a smaller group due to the defections of the dissidents. it kicked up a ton of dust in those days and we have watched as the story has played out over the ensuing months while the dissidents have gained strength and as Sweeney has stubbornly hung on, with the compicity of like-minded ostriches willing to ignore his dismal record.

Well this week we lost the story to the mainstream media, who has just discovered this blockbuster. We will continue to be inundated with coverage this week, some of it “this just in!” kind of breathless coverage about stuff that regular blog readers have known for months.

Let’s review the bidding:

— The dissidents announced today (as we reported a while ago) that they will not be attending the AFL-CIO convention. This is just flat out extraordinary. Not sure when the last time was when damn near half the AFL-CIO wasn’t represented at the Convention. Some way to win unity for Pyrrhus Sweeney, no?

— Jonathan Tasini, says one blog reader, is on a diet of Red Bull and coffee, blogging like a fiend from Chicago. He’s doing a great job with near hourly updates.

— As we predicted long ago, Sweeney will be re-elected as President of a smaller AFL-CIO on the eve of their fiftieth anniversary. They won’t quite make it to 50 because of his intransigence and ineptitude, plain and simple. Incredible that folks will sit by and watch this play out.