AFL-CIO Update: What Political Clout?

By July 25, 2005Labor Unions

It’s funny that AFL apologist Steve Greenhouse of the NY Times keeps talking about how John Sweeney has rebuilt labor’s political machine, repeating it like a mantra, when even the folks in the bowels of the AFL-CIO know it’s not true. (Believe us, we hear from ’em regularly.) One only has to look at what has happened on the national political scene during Sweeney’s tenure. Republicans now control both houses of Congress and the White House. This despite the fact that Sweeney vowed to “take back the House for the Democrats” about two dozen times since being elected. He backed it up by squandering a ton of of his members’ hard-earned money — tens of millions of it — all down the rathole in a losing effort. If this is success, we wonder what would pass for failure at the Times? This dismal track record of Sweeney’s — mirrored in the decline of membership — is precisely what’s fueling the ire of the dissidents.