AFL-CIO Update: The UFCW Bolts

By July 30, 2005Labor Unions

Yesterday, as long predicted by us and others, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) left the AFL-CIO, taking with them their 1.4 million members. This is in addition to the 3 million who already left as a result of the SEIU and Teamsters disaffiliations of earlier this week. This is a quarter of the AFL-CIO membership and budget. These are not good times ’round the Sweeney Corral.

Here’s a link to the letter that UFCW President Joe Hansen sent to the AFL-CIO, sounding some familiar themes. It flies under the heading, “UFCW Moves for a Revitalized Labor Movement, Disaffiliates from AFL-CIO”. Pretty much sums it up.

Hope this doesn’t get in the way of John Sweeney’s victory lap or his plans to seek revenge on the 15 Democrats who voted for more jobs for AFL-CIO members and CAFTA…..