AFL-CIO Update: The Dissidents Lay The Groundwork

By July 1, 2005Labor Unions

drip.jpgWith the AFL-CIO Convention in Chicago a little less than a month away, the Change to Win Coalition took another step toward making a stand — and a stink — there. If they keep this up, they might even make the Convention interesting.

Today, they called for a series of “amendments and resolutions” that would force roll call votes on their reform package, among other nuclear bombs. This will shake up the AFL-CIO so much that it might even wake John Sweeney. Jonathan Tasini does his regular great job covering and analyzing all of this on his Working Life blog.

More interesting, pointed out by a caller today, is that on Andy Stern’s Unite To Win blog, he talks very openly about being joined by the NEA, the California Nurses Assn, the National Treasury Employees Union, and others. If they weren’t in his corner, he wouldn’t be talking so openly about them.

As you’ll recall, the AFL’s Executive Committee met this week. We learned from a source that the dissidents stayed behind and met with Sweeney, with both side promising to keep talking. At this point, talking is Sweeney’s only hope. After the Convention, if he’s in charge of anything, it will be of a bifurcated labor movement.