AFL-CIO Update: SEIU To Disaffiliate

By July 25, 2005Labor Unions

As Jonathan Tasini reports in his blog — and as our sources confirm — the SEIU is soon (like today) to disaffiliate from the AFL-CIO. This is huge as it’s one of the largest unions in the AFL and one that’s actually bullish on organizing. No organziation can stand to watch one of its largest members walk away. This is very bad for Sweeney & Co.

There’s also a delicious little wrinkle here: If they indeed disaffiliate, remember that this is John Sweeney’s union. Thus, he will be left as a man without a country. As Juan Gonzalez first reported in the NY Daily News last Wednesday, “the AFL-CIO constitution requires all officers to belong to an affiliated group. If SEIU, the union to which Sweeney has always belonged, breaks away Sunday, America’s top labor leader could be a man without a union.”

Awkward, no? Not to worry, somebody like the OPEIU, the Office and Professional Workers, will issue him a card, let him in so he can be reelected President of this incredible shrinking organization.