AFL-CIO Update: On to the Convention!

By July 21, 2005General

Just got the lineup for the AFL-CIO Convention next week in Chicago. Not a lot of friends of manufacturing on the agenda. Here’s a link – take a look for yourself. It opens with, among others, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Ted Kennedy (D-MA), former Senator and failed VP candidate John Edwards D-ATLA). You might recall that he’s working on a poverty center in North Carolina, as a guy who knows a thing or two about putting people into poverty – and making sure he stays out – through his outrageous jury awards. If you add up all their NAM Vote Ratings, not sure you even get to double digits.

Also, our friend and fellow blogger Jonathan Tasini reports that John Wilhelm has resigned as the head of the AFL-CIO’s Immigration Committee. Little by little, the dissidents (The Gang of How Many? We lost count!) are beginning to extricate themselves from their official AFL-CIO positions. As we mentioned last week, some of them may not even attend the Convention.

Waterloo draws nigh for John Sweeney.