AFL-CIO Update

By July 18, 2005Labor Unions

With the AFL-CIO Convention beginning a week from today in Chicago, we thought it time for a little update, based on the info we’re receiving from sources both public and private. As we mentioned, the “Change to Win” (C2W) coalition leaders have been talking to John Sweeney and company in an effort to head off the near-certain train wreck that is looming. Apparently those talks have not proved fruitful. On Friday, the C2W folks issued this statement, confirming the two sides met but ultimately concluding, “Unfortunately, the AFL-CIO leadership and the Change to Win Coalition still remain far apart on our positions and our vision about the steps needed to rebuild the American labor movement.” We dropped a note to several of our sources, saying, “What’s it mean?”

The answer we received from a number of them was eerily similar, i.e., that some of the C2W unions may not even attend the AFL Convention/Coronation and that all of them except the laborers will pull out of the AFL-CIO. It is incredibly ironic that the AFL-CIO will not reach its 50th anniversary — set for October of this year — without being torn in two. And all because of a stubborn and ineffective leader.