AFL-CIO Update

By July 10, 2005Labor Unions

As you all know, we have the smartest damned blog readers on the planet, with knowledge of things large and small that could astound and amaze anyone. We wrote a few days ago about the prevailing rumor that John Sweeney will run, win and then step down and that somehow the dissidents would come back in and unite behind another consensus candidate. This made no sense, in that we assumed the Secretary-Treasurer would ascend to the Presidency in the case of a President’s resignation. Not so, writes one eagle-eyed blog reader.

Recall that Secretary-Treasurer Rich Trumka invoked the Fifth Amendment when questioned about his role in steering AFL-CIO funds to Jim Hoffa’s opponent in the election for Teamsters President a number of years ago. AFL-CIO rules prohibit anyone from holding office who takes the Fifth in order to cover up proven misconduct (we think we have this right, but will no doubt hear from our eagle-eyed readers again), so Trumka would be disqualified from being President. They kinda glossed over this at the time and allowed him to stay in the #2 job, because it was widely viewed that he took the bullet for Sweeney in the first place, so Sweeney didn’t insist on his ouster. But the Presidency would be a tough one to finesse. Hence the scenario.

Heard from another reader late last week saying that yes, this scenario is live and plausible. Sweeney ultimately will unite them all, but he’ll do it by leaving. Twisted, no? This is a Mommie Dearest scenario if ever there was one — “We love you!” “We hate you!” “We love you”. Sick.

In any event, word is that the rumored talks between the dissidents and Pyrrhus Sweeney have dwindled to a trickle. Look for some of these dissidents to bolt the AFL-CIO, some sooner than later.