A Good Week for the NAM

By July 23, 2005General

As we said below, this past week was a pretty good week for the NAM. The Judicial Review Committee is off and running, China decided to revalue its currency and the President of the United States talked up an NAM member, Bush Hog (no relation, he said, good naturedly) and also invoked our name – the NAM – in his remarks. He went to talk to the Hispanic Alliance for Free Trade about CAFTA and to make the point that CAFTA will actually create jobs by opening new markets. He talked about Bush Hog because they make farm equipment that will see an increase in exports if CAFTA passes. Along the way, the President cited our research on the topic, showing that CAFTA will boost US exports to the region by a billion dollars a year. That’s nothing to sneeze at, even for big time exporters like manufacturers. Here’s a link to the President’s remarks.

Like we said, a pretty damn good week.