Wishy Washy

By June 8, 2005Labor Unions

A faithful blog reader dropped us a note today to say he had heard that Int’l Assn of Fire Fighters President Harold Schaitberger had become John Sweeney’s campaign manager. We think this was serious, and not the beginning of a very bad joke. It’s interesting, considering that Schaitberger was the head of the AFL-CIO’s influential Public Affairs Committee until resigning in a huff after Sweeney kept him in the dark about this little matter of laying off a third of the staff. A week later, Schaitberger turned up in Las Vegas at a “dissidents only” mtg. Now he’s Sweeney’s campaign manager? Et tu, Brute!

Also, recall that Schaitberger emerged as the union President closest to John Kerry, who ran for President recently. The Fire Fighters are a pretty good group and are actually fairly bi-partisan. However, as our blog reader commented to us in an e-mail, “I hope Harold does as good a job for Sweeney as he did for Kerry.”

Our sentiments exactly.