We’re Breakin’ Up, Scotty!

By June 12, 2005Labor Unions

Unfortunately for us these days, stuff about John Sweeney keeps pouring through the doors. We will try to post it over time, but other issues, like energy (this week) and Lou Dobbs (who’s actually more of a pain in the neck than John Sweeney at the moment) have gained our focus. Still, we’ll try to post as much as we can. Our e-friend Jonathan Tasini is doing a pretty good job of keeping up with all of this on his Working Life blog. To the extent that we get stuff that augments what he has, we’ll post it.

The big news today (although not a surprise to faithful blog readers as we’ve been predicting this in posts too numerous to link to here) is a Washington Post story from Tom Edsall entitled, “AFL-CIO Closer to Breaking Up“. Apparently Andy Stern of the SEIU held a meeting of his Board over the weekend in San Francisco. At the meeting, his Board gave him permission to quit the incredible shrinking AFL-CIO. More importantly, not reported by Edsall, but reported by Working Life, is that they authorized the allocation of monies to fund a new Federation. Worse yet for Sweeney is that Stern & Co. have scheduled a founding convention for a new organization for June 15, so this is a little bit more than a pipe dream, no? Here’s a link to Stern’s blog — noting that the Board has “authorized disaffilation” from the AFL-CIO, another huge step — and to the full statement issued by the SEIU Board. The United Food and Commercial Workers, reports Edsall, are discussing disaffiliation this week.

At what cost does Sweeney stay in power? He will preside over the rending of the AFL-CIO. A fitting jewel his dismal crown of ruinous achievements.

Mark our words, this thing ain’t over. Will the Democratic Party sit idly by and watch its poltical backbone disintegrate? Very doubtful.