Victory on Energy!

By June 29, 2005Energy

EnergizeEcon.jpg Only in Washington can you work for years trying to pass a bill, trying to force a vote, only to have it pass 85-12. Such was the fate of the energy bill in the Senate yesterday. Thanks to the thousands of manufacturers who weighed in across the country, driving home the point that we have the highest natural gas prices in the world, and reminding the Congress that the old laws of supply and demand are alive and well.

Happily, of the 18 or so charter members of the newly-minted Senate Manufacturing Caucus, only one — Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) voted against it.

Here’s a link to our press release extolling the Senate victory and reminding everyone that the real work now begins, as it goes into a conference committee to reconcile the differences between it and the House-passed version.

The roll call vote can be found on the NAM energy website.