Traffic is Off the Charts!

By June 22, 2005General

Thanks to you faithful blog readers out there — both of you — for boosting our traffic. We watch the numbers each day with great anticipation, have watched our daily traffic multiply twenty-fold in the last few months. Would it surprise you to know that in spite of all our beautiful prose and provocative writing, the most popular day is still Friday, for the “Friday Follies“?

Around the blog barn, many theories abound. The blogger’s apprentice — hoping for a fat raise — says it’s the blogger-in-chief’s soaring narratives. Other (less economically interested) wags have opined it was certain photos that were posted that spiked the traffic. We won’t say which photos, we’ll let you guess.

In any event, keep it coming, tell your friends, tell your foes. Tell Lou Dobbs.

From the bottom of our blogging hearts, we thank you!