The Wednesday Poster of the Week

By June 29, 2005Miscellaneous

highest_living_smlarge.jpg A little late in the day, we know — sorry, been a busy one, but today we start a regular feature (at least until we run out of posters, and by then you’ll forget this is a regular feature) entitled, “Wednesday Poster of the Week”. This is a little manufacturing pick-me-up for you to get you over the hump. We have two types of posters: some really cool retro ones, based on a billboard campaign we ran in the 30’s and 40’s with the Outdoor Advertising Association. One of them is visible below, in the Father’s Day posting. The other posters we have are more recent, depicting some of our members in very atypical manufacturing settings, but while still carrying the manufacturing message. We think you’ll like them both. To get you started this week, we’ll reach back to one of the vintage ones with a message that is timeless: “World’s Highest Standard of Living – There’s No Way Like the American Way.” Hey, wait! That’s the blogger-in-chief in the back seat!

We hope you enjoy the series. If you stumble upon any we should know about, let us know and we’ll work ’em into the rotation.