The NAM Takes to the Airwaves v.3

By June 26, 2005Dobbs Watch


Dobbs WatchKudos to Darren McKinney of the NAM for another great show this week on WMAL radio in Washington. If you didn’t hear it, you can listen by clicking here. Leave the speakers cranked up — the boss will think you’re on a conference call.

OK, but here’s the punch line (you knew we wouldn’t just do a senseless plug for the 3d week in a row unless there was something in it for us, right?): If you click on this link, you will hear the mellifluous tones of the blogger-in-chief himself, doing a two minute audio version of an earlier blog rant on Louie-One Note. Not likely to displace James Earl Jones as the go-to spokesman for everything (or the voice of Darth Vader, for that matter), but you might find it entertaining. And, you’ll understand why the blogger-in-chief sticks to blogging.