The Gipper Wins Another One

By June 29, 2005General

Reagan_CowboyPhoto3.jpgFor those of you who’ve not been following it, or have been in a cave for the past few days, Ronald Reagan was voted “The Greatest American” in a long-running series and contest on the Discovery Channel. In all, almost 2 and a half million votes were cast. In the top ten were President George W. Bush (at #6), nosing out his predecessor Bill Clinton at #7. Reagan, the 40th President, edged out Abe Lincoln (#2) and Martin Luther King, Jr. (#3) for the highest honor.

But what makes this really great is that the narrator/moderator/cheerleader for all of this was Matt Lauer of The Today Show, not noted for his conservative views. He must’ve coughed up a lung to have to announce that the greatest figure in the Conservative movement in the 20th century was voted “The Greatest American”. Not sure Matt ever voted for him. We bet Katie was steamed, too. (Hope nobody’s offended by the picture — it was the first one that came up on Google.) Ah, irony. Gotta have some fun in this life.