The Fig Leaf of Unity

By June 17, 2005Labor Unions

drip.jpg Poor John Sweeney. On the day the dissidents were launching their new non-Federation, he woke up, came to work, stared across the street at the Laborer’s Union building (Laborers’ President Terence O’Sullivan is one of the “Gang of Five, and growing”…) and saw a huge, colorful “Change to Win” banner adorning its main entrance, a reminder of his incredible evaporating power base.

His statement this week answering the charges of the new coalition was pretty pathetic. His last vestige is unity. Since there isn’t any — caused by a potent combination of his ineptness and stubbornness — he wraps himself in a cry for unity as a way to tamp down the dissidents’ voices. He really can’t rebut them on the merits of what they have to say and so he argues process and unity.

“Let’s hold this thing together”, he says, “Because…., uh….., because,…..we need solidarity.” A pathetic argument, the barest fig leaf behind which he can hide, the fig leaf of unity.

As we’ve said before, this thing ain’t over.