The End of the World is Near

By June 7, 2005General

Sorry for the hysterical headline, but it’s the only conclusion we can draw. Two separate Washington Post editorials yesterday squarely came down on our side, making us think that Armageddon can’t be far away. Let’s just say this doesn’t usually happen. Liberal lobbying groups can almost take it on faith that at some point in any legislative battle they’ll get the obligatory helpful editorial from the Washington Post and the New York Times, but for us, it’s really extraordinary.

First on the hit parade was yesterday’s lead editorial entitled, “The Center Abandoned“, criticizing House Democrats for abandoning “Clintonite centrism” in their near-unanimous refusal to support CAFTA. The Post goes on to press a pretty impressive case for support, including — not least — the cause of democracy, a very real concern in the region, and a University of Michigan study showing that US income would rise by some $17 billion, should CAFTA pass. Like we said, pretty impressive. “Whatever the politics of this issue,” they conclude, “The Democrats’ position is indefensible.”

The second editorial is entitled, “A Half-Baked Proposal” and focuses on Social Security — particularly Rep. Robert Wexler’s (D-FL) proposal to raise the payroll tax (by a whopping 6%!) to cover the Social Security shortfall. The Post here scores a double, in our view. Not only do they (rightfully) criticize the Wexler proposal, but they also take a shot at his entire party, noting that “For months, Congressional Democrats have stuck to a just-say-no approach to Social Security…while refusing to say how they would fix the program, or…refusing to acknowledge that the program needs fixing.” And again, a fairly stunning (for the Post) conclusion: “It’s good that an elected Democrat has come forward with a Social Security plan” , they say. “Now, it would be even better if a Democrat would come up with one that’s less lopsided.”

Wow — two Washington Post editorials on the same day on our side of an issue. Better grab your duct tape and water and head for the basement!