The Change to Win Coalition, Winning the Press Battle

By June 21, 2005Labor Unions

There is no doubt that the new “Change to Win” Coalition is winning the press battle with the gang that couldn’t shoot (or spin) straight over at the AFL-CIO. Looks like the AFL isn’t paying Abernathy nearly enough, time to boost that retainer.

In any event, we were interested to see that the Coalition’s take on Sweeney’s cloaking himself in unity to blunt the onslaught was quite similar to ours. Great minds….

You’ll recall that in response to a fairly blistering attack on Sweeney by the Coalition last week, he issued a statement basically flaunting the fact that he has the votes to win (“Win what?”, you might ask…)and saying that they all needed to just shut up and be unified. We observed that in this case the unclothed emperor was using unity as a mere fig leaf, a puny shield to the torrent of criticism.

Well, today, the Coalition made a similar observation, noting that, “Labor solidarity is not about the unity of institutions or leaders or sustaining a bureaucracy under the banner of the ‘house of labor’. It’s about uniting workers to fight for a better life.”

Looks like the bloom is off the fig leaf.