Race (with the NAM) for the Cure, Take Two

By June 5, 2005General


pink_ribbon.jpgLast month, we ran a piece below that urged folks to join the NAM team in the annual Race for the Cure. It took place over the weekend, on Saturday, June 4 and the turnout was great.

It’s such a worthy cause, and it’s just so inspirational to be out there with all these runners and walkers, united in a great cause. Thanks to our volunteers: Peggy Ireland, Bill Lacy (trip historian, took the picture above), Dora Fisher, Joan Keys, Shawnree Baker and the Smedile twins, Cassie and Jack. Thanks to Patty Long for helping to get the word out and to our Team Captain — and survivor — Laura Narvaiz. She’s an inspiration to us all.

Thanks to all who signed up — here’s a link to the list of team members.

Above you’ll see some of us in the photo, including the blogger-in-chief (this was right after they applied the paddles and yelled, “Clear!”) and the blogger’s apprentice.

In short, a great day, a great cause. Thanks, all!